Antivirus & Antispam Software

Antivirus & Antispam Software

The growth of the internet has increased the frequent deployment of malicious software and computer viruses causing havoc to business. Infections can come from website links or the increasingly popular attack from email links and email attachments. Wirral-Net have teamed up with industry leaders in this field to ensure, as a valued client, you are protected.


AVG Cloud care – We currently believe AVG Cloud Care is not only be the best solution but the most cost effective solution for your business, With no set up costs and a fixed monthly cost of £1 per device. Below are just a number of the benefits you receive by using AVG Cloud Care;

  • Smart scanning – which keeps memory usage down and allows employee to continue to work.
  • Automatic removal of incumbent Antivirus products and custom policies – set up is easy using a company specific install executable file.
  • Automatic scheduled updates – assists the above in keeping administration to the bare minimum.
  • Inbuilt firewall – Protects you against intrusion from outside your network.


Spam Safe Mail (SSM) – With email attacks and spam bombs becoming increasingly common within the work place Spam Safe Mail have provided a second to none Antispam service. SSM scans incoming mail at network level to guarantee all mail is scanned offsite before it hits your mail server. This prevents any known infected emails from reaching the work place, the benefit of scanning offsite ensures no third party software will need to be installed on any of your servers or client pc’s meaning there is no impact on the device and its performance. SSM currently runs on average a 98% success rate, this being one of the highest on the market.